Year: 2020

How to use predictive sensors in your maintenance strategy.

Utilizing Maintenance Sensors is an Extension of Preventive Maintenance, by John Kravontka… Predictive Sensor Overview/Strategy Utilizing maintenance sensors is an extension of preventive maintenance. It is based on the theory that equipment operates efficiently when measurements of temperature, vibration, sound, amperage, accuracy/alignment, pressure, etc., fall within acceptable limits. As the equipment wears, these measurements drift […]
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How to Carve a Photo Into a Pumpkin

Carving a Photo into a Pumpkin, is More Science than Pumpkin Art… Check out these Pumpkin Carving Ideas… I  used Gimp 2 software. It’s free and works quite well. We’re doing a quick series on How to put up a photo and carve it into a pumpkin. We use the threshold setting in Gimp […]
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Why Consider Drone Based Inspections of Your Hard to Reach locations

Why consider Drone Based Inspections Drone-based inspections offer a wide range of functions that take advantage of the mobility of the drone… These tests can help identify defects and reduce the rate of failures, without putting operators and techs in harms way. What are the Benefits of Drone-Based Inspections? Drone-based inspections provide a cost-effective, safe […]
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How to Purchase a used Ultra Probe for Air Leak Detection

What to look for when you purchase a Used Ultra Probe UE100 Greetings Today we’re going to look at UE systems Ultra Probe 100 This is an analog ultra pro we’re going to look at what should be in the kit… For sure you should have a manual it has many pages of terrific information… […]
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