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Proper Maintenance Training is the key to keeping your plant up and running.

It’s pretty simple. When your equipment is broken down, you are losing money. Predictive and preventative maintenance are the keys to keeping things moving, and investing in them is one of the smartest things you can do. The Maintenance Geek will provide the know-how.

We will teach your employees exactly what they need to do to keep equipment in like-new condition. Our training includes the use of infrared and/or ultrasound instruments for equipment monitoring, as well as cloud-based monitoring tools that can alert maintenance professionals even when they are off-site. We emphasize the importance of ongoing maintenance and countermeasures that keep breakdowns from happening in the first place.

And best of all, we can help you take advantage of programs that fund training like this. Accessing these funds can be confusing and time-consuming, but we know our way around them. The costs involved in providing this vital training to your employees might be partially or even fully covered!


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