Month: December 2013

What is a CMRP Certification, and why should I care?

 The Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional (CMRP) program is the #1 credentialing program for certifying the knowledge, skills and experience of M&R professionals. It’s more than just committing textbooks to memory; it’s a thorough examination of individual expertise measured against a universal standard. Every facility needs at least one CMRP on its team- and most […]
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What is OEE and how can it help you?

OEE what do you do with it? OEE stands for “Overall Equipment Effectiveness” and is an important metric for many companies’ initiatives to establish “Operational Excellence.” There are many different definitions for OEE but it is largely understood to be a composite metric based on three different areas of a particular asset’s performance. Here is […]
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Found a good article on a new Online OSHA Complaint Filing Process

    New Online OSHA Complaint Filing Process Now Active. By Nicole A. Bernabo on  December 10, 2013 Posted in OSHA Compliance, Workplace Accidents OSHA recently announced its new online complaint filing process for whistleblowers making it easier to file complaints against manufacturers on a 24-hour basis.  OSHA’s Whistleblower Protection Program enforces the whistleblower provisions of more than twenty whistleblower statutes protecting employees who report […]
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