Why Consider Drone Based Inspections of Your Hard to Reach locations

Why consider Drone Based Inspections

Drone-based inspections offer a wide range of functions that take advantage of the mobility of the drone… These tests can help identify defects and reduce the rate of failures, without putting operators and techs in harms way.

What are the Benefits of Drone-Based Inspections?

Drone-based inspections provide a cost-effective, safe and faster solution for most inspections and do not require shutting down operations. 

Here are some reasons why drone-based inspections will benefit your company in the future.

New technologies expand the capabilities of drone inspections.

It is now possible to equip drones with a wide variety of sensors that perform different kinds of inspections. 

Combining a drone with a suitable technology increases the ability to perform a wide variety of inspections This helps in identifying most surface and subsurface defects.

Some common tests include visual inspections, eddy current inspections, roof leak inspections, ultrasound inspections for air and other gas leaks, thermal imaging, radiography inspections.

Reduce your inspection costs

Drone-based testing allows easier, faster and inexpensive identification of flaws and defects. This enables the maintenance department to carry out prompt repairs of replacements before problems occur.

Testing without shutting down operations means the company will save time and avoid production losses.

Less workers are needed to carry out the inspections.  

Drone-based inspections can quickly identify the majority of roof top defects and provide maintenance personnel with enough information to allow them to fix problems.

Improve safety

Drone-based inspections can significantly increase safety.  They help to improve on-site safety for workers by avoiding accidents getting to a back from an inspection site.

By identifying defects in ample time, drone-based inspections allow maintenance departments to fix problems before they occur.

Improve your facilities reliability

Drone-based inspections can be used to determine whether facilities meet certain environmental and safety requirements. If the asset meets the requirement,  the system can continue, otherwise, repairs or replacements are performed to avoid issues that may lead to unplanned shutdowns.

Complete, accurate and reliable inspection data

By using a drone to access difficult areas, it can evaluate the structures and provide immediate comprehensive data.  The inspection process is usually repeatable and can be very useful when analyzing the effectiveness of any repairs.

Using GPS, the drones can take the same tests from the same point and angle repeatedly. This helps maintenance personnel produce accurate results that could happen from taking tests from different angles.

The use of drones in facility maintenance and inspection will require an understanding of the task the drone is to perform and what kind of information it will look for. 

If future articles I will go thru what it takes to develop a drone program for your inspection needs.

You must have a operator how is a FAA certified drone pilot or be able to hire one.  We will look at what it takes to become a certified drone pilot, and what you will need for equipment.

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