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Get your Maintenance People Certified as FAA Certified Drone Pilots

Certify your Maintenance Personnel to be Certified Drone Pilots Do this now to Be ready for big growth this year 2021…   Smaller Manufacturers need to train their maintenance professionals now to grow their businesses. Pay for this investment by Identifying roof anomalies and preventive maintenance.    With your own maintenance pros. Keep your maintenance pros […]
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5 Steps to a World Class Maintenance Organization is available

Are your best maintenance professionals ready to retire?  Do your younger people need to work smarter not harder? In General, breakdowns are 5 to 10 times more expensive that preventing it in the first place.   My new book 5 Steps to a World Class Maintenance Organization is out and available on Amazon.com   http://amzn.to/2c78hia If you want […]
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Step 3 of the 5 steps in Developing a World Class Maintenance Organization

Step 1:  Rank your Equipment and collect some simple data. Step 2: Control your critical spare parts. Step 3 Stop Wasted PMs Typically 50% of PM’s are wasted. An example would be doing a PM in an electrical panel, the goal is to tighten the 100 or so connections, typically 1 or 2 will need […]
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What is EUA? And why should I care?

Energize CT’s EUA has been created as an economic development initiative for the manufacturing sector. Sponsored by Eversource the assessment helps manufacturers qualify and identify specific energy reduction opportunities and the efficient measures needed to reduce kWh and CCF consumption. This study that looks at how much, where, and when you use energy. This assessment […]
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What is on tap for the Maintenance Geek?

Are your Best Maintenance People retiring this year? Do your younger maintenance professionals need to work smarter not harder? The issue most companies with manufacturing equipment face is how to                                          get out of the breakdown […]
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Predictive Maintenance is getting easier all the time with this attachment to your I Phone…

  Greetings…                              I  took this with My I Phone… If you are trying to get out of the breakdown mode, you don’t have to worry about the high cost of predictive tools.  This will get you some OK temperature readings, along with a GPS location and over a decent digital photo.   Combine this with an ultrasound leak detector […]
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