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keep your employees out of harms way!

Consider using a drone to do many of your inspections

The Maintenance Geek is a Fully Insured and Licensed Commercial Drone Pilot in the USA!

We offer many discount codes for our Drone Services:

  • Basic pricing is ($325.00) per Building: (Does not include "Infrared" Photos and Videos)
  • 15% Discount for a 5 Flight Package
  • 20% Discount for a 10 Flight Package
  • 25% Discount for a 15 Flight Package
Discover more about our Drone Services

Our Drone Services Can help if you:

Are a Real Estate” person looking for great fly overs and photos of the outside of properties, you are promoting to show it’s best curb appeal.

Represent an Insurance Company” to view up to date after videos of properties under contract post storm.

Are with aBank” for appraisals of properties you want to put under contract.

If you are a “Manufacturer” wanting to see the roof condition of your facility without sending people up where they can do more damage than they repair. We offer FLIR Infrared Cameras on our Drones for the Best Infrared Photos and Videos.

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