What the Maintenance Geek does when the power goes out.

Here is what the Maintenance Geek Does When the Power Goes Out.

We show the wire coming in from outside from the generator, it will feed my, battery charger. We have a main battery and a charger. It will run my, inverter and power strip and the backup power for the furnace. On the side of the house we plug into the generator. Looking at the generator, we haven’t started in a while, but we turn on the propane and hit the button twice. Give the tail a pull If you’ll notice this is a flange we made up with some, black iron pipe. So we can move this unit out away from the engine. Bec ause this is a one of those Chinese carburetors, , we can run three fuels into it. Gasoline, propane, or it’ll run on natural gas. But it seems to work out pretty well with this little addition of a bump out. We get a look at how we run the, fuel into the carburetor. On this side, we have the propane. The throttle mechanism valve, works by adding more propane, thus making engine run faster. The fuel goes into the base of the regulator and that’s our system for running on propane, which is much cleaner, and, we don’t worry about it in that starting next year or one whenever we have to start this thing back up.
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