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Why Consider Drone Based Inspections of Your Hard to Reach locations

Why consider Drone Based Inspections Drone-based inspections offer a wide range of functions that take advantage of the mobility of the drone… These tests can help identify defects and reduce the rate of failures, without putting operators and techs in harms way. What are the Benefits of Drone-Based Inspections? Drone-based inspections provide a cost-effective, safe […]
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Check out my new Keter Rolling / Locking Tool Box…

Today, we’re going to look at this new Keter toolbox that I just bought. And I’m very happy with it. We use it alot it’s handy and has wheels. We’re going to look at those after, with the handle and so forth. It’s a locking toolbox, so you can lock it here. It separates out […]
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How do you grow into the factory of the future with your current equipment?

This article was originally written for The Factory of the Future web site: by Robert Kravontka a.k.a The Maintenance Geek You have been blessed with some great orders, so right now you need to increase production with the equipment you have. The new equipment dealers tell you to buy their equipment and finance it. […]
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