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The Future of Maintenace

The Future of Maintenance is learning about

3D Printing, for spare parts and tools.

Blockchain because it is not hackable.

Artificial intelligence to help us diagnose.

Robotics to do the dirty jobs.

Sensors to watch the dirty areas

and Drones to keep us off the roof.

Because we are going to live longer, and work maybe past our 100th birthdays.

Get your tools to be longer for more leverage as you live longer

3D Printing to make our own spare parts and sometimes make our own tools.

The Blockchain is not hackable, this will become more important as years go by.

In the Deadliest Catch series,  did you know they can tell what temperature and time, every load was caught, from the lobster pot, to the hold, to the cannery, to the processing plant, to the grocery store.  If a batch of fish goes above a set temperature they can go back and tell when, and recall the batches ahead and behind that load.  This is done with block chain, it is a distributed data base that can follow the fleet and fish batches to insure quality. We can do the same thing is our factories with sensors and data bases for our spare parts, and our production materials.
A distributed data base is different from a centralized data base like our banking system which we know can be hacked and is very slow to pass data from one central system to another.
This is why a decentralized data base system is so much better to handle money transactions quicker more accurately and cheaper than our central banking system.  Blockchain is what is behind the currency controls of Bitcoin and other Crypto Currencies.

Artificial Intelligence




Because we are going to live a lot longer, we are going to work longer, so we need to work smarter and use leverage and youth to do the grunt work and and keep our brains active to continue to add value to our positions as maintenance professionals.

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