Check out my new Keter Rolling / Locking Tool Box…

Today, we’re going to look at this new Keter toolbox that I just bought. And I’m very happy with it. We use it alot it’s handy and has wheels. We’re going to look at those after, with the handle and so forth. It’s a locking toolbox, so you can lock it here. It separates out in the center. We have room for all sorts of tools and wrenches and, Loctite products on this side, which you can see through. You can see, we have most everything there typically. We have this set up just with the high-powered flashlight and so forth.  we have our meters, our drivers and clamps and wrenches and screwdrivers. And this side in the center, there’s a cavernous center portion where we keep our tool bag. We need a good tape measure. We also bring our drill driver along with the drills so that we can poke some holes, if we need to… We have all the different drivers so that we can drive different screws, Always extra gloves. Typically, I bring my easy out and extractors. These are, as you can notice, left-handed drills with extractors. The RPM Meter only fits down near the bottom, a great tool for checking RPM and so forth. It does a great job at that. I have this white out pen with it because we typically will either put a tape line or a white line on rotating objects to be able to check for, RPM. Is this unit that allows me to keep extra tools and parts, like, electrical connectors, spare flashers, and Loctite products.   These beauties are for melting wires together. These have the lead; the low temperature melting point Solder in them. You, put your wires together and just take a torch , and put a little heat to them, or a lighter. And then you put a cover over them. Here are some heat shrink tubes and you have a very good electrical connection… On the bottom of this big unit, I keep some power grab from Loctite, very handy stuff… plenty of extra-long wire ties, They always, have some value. I keep some specialty pliers down here simply because they’re so big, they’re handy just sitting in the bottom and it’s a good spot to fit the snap ring pliers. On our belt bag. We’ll take a little closer look, screwdrivers on this side, a blade on this side, Phillips on this side, we keep, adjustable wrenches and a, Good set of and pliers Wire strippers and scissors, and then some small hand wrenches. Along with some crimpers and wire cutters, and a pair of dykes. We take this, set it down in, and lock down the cover, slide them together. And there we go. The unit is designed with wheels and has an ample handle. When we pick it up, it snaps in place. We can walk along with it. You will like this very much because it just pops right in the trunk. So even if we don’t have the truck, we can put this right in the trunk of the car and have most of the tools we’re going to need.
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