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I’ve seen it too many times. Smaller manufacturers suffer costly reductions in productivity when critical machines go down, and then they are forced to pay way too much for repairs. Staying out of breakdown mode, keeping equipment running rather than figuring out ways to fix it, saves money and headaches.

That's why I started the maintenance geek

     I’m Robert Kravontka, and I offer products, services, and training to smaller manufacturers to help keep them OUT of breakdown mode. Often, we can even find outside funding to help cover the costs!

Let The Maintenance Geek help you avoid downtime—and stay out of breakdown mode.

Learn CMMS Computerized Maintenance Management Systems and why it can keep you equipment from breaking down

Learn how to use UPKEEP CMMS… It is a low priced system way better than using Excel and Outlook to track your maintenance program.

A CMMS can give you better control of your assets, by knowing what repairs have been done to each and when. Also you can set up simple Preventive Maintenance intervals that will keep them running trouble free.

There is a boat load on money being wasted in your shop everyday.

Find out how much money your maintenance professionals can generate.   

It is shocking…

Your best people are retiring… What now!

Your younger employees need some good basic training to be able to take over before they lose all that tribal knowledge.

Do you know how much trouble an untrained employee can cause with a grease gun?

Start with our paper on how to use a grease gun… Then have them watch some of the basic training videos to build their skills, and at least have them trained enough to ask a good question.





More About Robert Kravontka

While some of his friends like to refer to him as “McGyver,” Robert Kravontka is better known as The Maintenance Geek. He can fix just about anything, but he finds it more rewarding to figure out how to maintain things so they don’t break in the first place. He spent the bulk of his career in an industrial shop, but he got tired of the frustrations of working from breakdown to breakdown. So Robert started focusing on maintenance.

He has spent years studying the industry’s premier thought leaders, and now he shares the secrets to avoiding downtime through products, services, and training for smaller manufacturers at the company he founded, The Maintenance Geek. He also creates maintenance how-to videos for the Maintenance Geek YouTube Channel.

If your best people are retiring, and your newer people need training, contact us for maintenance training, production, and wasted energy issues.

The Maintenance Geek LLC has been named a Kaeser Compressor partner...

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