Month: February 2016

What are the 6 steps to optimize your compressed air system?

  Compressed air leaks, and inefficient blow offs can waste thousands of dollars of electricity each year. This affects your companies production costs and bottom line.     What are the 6 steps to optimize your compressed air system? Determine the main compressed air users in your facility Find and fix the air leaks with […]
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Step “One” in Developing a World Class Maintenance Organization

  Step One: It’s the same for big companies or smaller ones, you need to figure out where you are and what your up against. If you have only one maintenance professional that does the facility and all the equipment but only when it breaks down the issues are the same. You must start with […]
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Does your business have a good plan to Grow? How the Business Sustainability Challenge can help!

 What is the “Business Sustainability Challenge” and why should I care? New England Utilities offer the Business sustainability Challenge. With a small team your company can become more competitive by taking a strategic look at Energy, Workforce, Operations, and Waste Streams. Results from this planning include reducing risks and leveraging opportunities to shield your company […]
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Introducing 5 Steps to a World Class Maintenance Organization

Planning a June 2016 release of my new E Book called “5 Steps to a World Class Maintenance Organization” This is designed for the smaller manufacturer with a maintenance group of one or a few who do it all, including building and equipment maintenance. Are your best Maintenance People getting ready to retire? Do your […]
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The Energize CT Center. How to save energy.

Greetings, Attended a terrific meeting in North Haven at the Energize CT Center finding out how to better save energy in 2016. Kevin Vidmar from Loureiro Engineer Associates spoke. Terrific presentation on  energy systems, including; Lighting, Motors, Compressed Air, Dust Collection, HVAC, and Office Equipment. We started by understanding conservation vs efficiency. Basically shut it off whenever […]
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