A look at the Shoreline I-Cast 1 Sensor Bridge. This Connects your Sensors to the Cloud.

I got a look at the Shoreline I cast 1 Bridge…      This was an unboxing in the video… It comes with the I-Cast Bridge and with the wiring harness…along with the connection to a Mod Bus system if you want to use it.   

We are setting them up to use analog and digital inputs.  We have either 12 V or 24 V positive and negative hook ups 

We have a sensor here an NPN presence sensor and we tie that to the digital 1 sinking input… You can have up to four digit sensors you can also have a split coil analog sensor to detect 4-20 ma and up to 100 amps…

On the digital sensors if you want this wiring  I am happy to send you a copy of it… The bridge is hooked to WiFi and then you can the Bluetooth your phone to to set everything up. The unit comes with the power supply. Put the wiring  in the order that you see on the schematic.  It’s not as complicated as it looks.

This unit can send an email if it exceed any limits you decide are important. It is also a data logger so that every day you’ll get a report on what the amp meter has been drawing and if the digital inputs are on or off.  It will show times and cycles over a 24 hour period.

Let’s say that you set this up on a machine you want to run all night with lights out with nobody in the shop… You can put sensors on the machine that sense your material and when you run out of material it will send an email… You can either send in someone to put in more material, or you wait till the morning for your crew to come in and take of restarting. Various sensors are available  from Automation Direct.  They can run from $50 – $100 or some as cheap as $8. 

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