How to Run Your Old Equipment All Night Unattended

Today we are going to talk about sensors and how to use them to run your old equipment all night with out anyone being there.


Your equipment can run unattended until it runs out of material, thus keeping it running more than max productivity.

We are looking at the Swift Sensor dashboard today.  We have three sensor hooked up today, a door sensor, to use in your tool crib to control access to your crib, overnight and to detect the presence of material in your machinery.

The next sensor is for temperature going up and down since the fourth of the month for 6-7 days, logging from 62-62 to almost 100 degrees F… this will give you a data log for freezers and ovens in your shop to data log these processes, and to detect any motor over loads in your process.   

The 3rd sensor is a vibration sensor sitting on my laptop measuring the whir of the hard drive,

I have a sensor coming to measure amperage…

At the present they can send me an email when the door its opened for more than any amount of seconds.

The next thing is a call or email or text when the door is opened for a period of time or the machine runs out of material.

These sensors are very inexpensive. We did an unboxing in this video and looked at the power supply and the three sensors.

In the next video we will look at where to put these sensors on an old machine to keep it running all night.

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