How to Carve a Photo Into a Pumpkin

Carving a Photo into a Pumpkin, is More Science than Pumpkin Art... Check out these Pumpkin Carving Ideas...

I  used Gimp 2 software. It’s free and works quite well.

We’re doing a quick series on How to put up a photo and carve it into a pumpkin.

We use the threshold setting in Gimp 2 that allows you to adjust color pictures to just black and white.

Go around and make sure that you’ve got all the hair and so forth so that it’s a centered photo.

Here’s the threshold tool. 

You can adjust from all the way fully dark to light.  And you find the point in the middle to personal taste. Now you print this. 


Cut the top to flat. You’ve got to pick yourselves a good flat surface.

Now we’ve got it nice and clean inside.

Leave a little margin here to cut around.

We want to pick a spot that is relatively flat. 

 I did pencil drawing  to add additional meat to cut to. 

On one side we blend into the pumpkin

So that it looks like light was coming from one side.

One of my favorite tools here is a Good sharp. Razor knife with a new blade.  We’ll start removing everything that’s all the white material comes away, and  all the  dark Stays on the pumpkin.

I’m cutting a bunch of cross hatches in there. And that makes it easier to Pick out.

 To cut out the eyeglasses and to make the eyes look halfway, right  We’re getting some detail onto it. 

You try to leave enough meat and slowly chip away at. There’s not a lot of light coming through. We still have to wipe off and clean the pumpkin, pull all of the paper off and so forth.

Now I am going inside the pumpkin to thin the walls to let out more light.

It’s a little scarier that way especially when it gets a lot darker.

It looks like magic. And that is how I carve a photo into a pumpkin.


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