Just got approved by Eversource to fund my Air Leak Surveys

The Maintenance Geek LLC  has been approved…

Energy costs are quickly going up.   Our no risk plan.   We will come to your facility, conduct an Ultrasound audit of your compressed air system including reports and tagging. If we do not find issues there is no charge.   If we do find air leak costs, we will charge 50% of the dollars saved up to your exposure of $1400.00 for a system of over 50 HP and under 100 HP. We will also offer a proposal to repair these leaks off hours when possible. I have been fortunate enough to get Eversource to fund 50% of your cost for this program. In a facility of this size we typically find $3,500.00 to $8,500.00 per year in air leaks.

For $700.00 we can come in and find and tag and report your air leaks.  Eversource is also willing to pay 40% of the cost to repair all your leaks whether you fix then or I do.

Approved by Eversource to fund air leak surveys
Approved by Eversource to fund air leak surveys
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