What is EUA? And why should I care?

Energize CT’s EUA has been created as an economic development initiative for the manufacturing sector.


Sponsored by Eversource the assessment helps manufacturers qualify and identify specific energy reduction opportunities and the efficient measures needed to reduce kWh and CCF consumption. This study that looks at how much, where, and when you use energy.

This assessment will include an overview of the following areas:

 Motor Systems,

 Air Compressors

 HVAC Systems

 Process Equipment

 Lighting

 Other significant energy-consuming areas.

Once the study is complete, an Energy Usage Assessment (EUA) analysis with recommendations is provided. A fixed price for work for each project is reviewed by the utility and customer for approval. The proposal will include all the Energize Connecticut incentives such as; a 50/50 cost sharing for the EUA program and potential reimbursement for implemented Energy Opportunities.

10 – 20 % in potential energy cost reductions

Detailed analysis of your energy use and costs

Identification of “Idle Load” energy waste

Efficiency analysis of facility systems.

Equipment upgrade recommendations

ECM financial impact and ROI analysis

Access to programs,resources, and funding.

Each event will consists of: Training                                                                                                                                                             Assessment                                                                                                                                                       Analysis



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