What are the 6 steps to optimize your compressed air system?

Engineered Air Nozzles by EXAIR


Compressed air leaks, and inefficient blow offs can waste thousands of dollars of electricity each year. This affects your companies production costs and bottom line.



What are the 6 steps to optimize your compressed air system?

  • Determine the main compressed air users in your facility
  • Find and fix the air leaks with Ultrasonic Leak Detection
  • Upgrade your blow off and cooling operations with engineered products for less air use and lower decibel levels.

     High efficiency nozzles                                                                                                                    High efficiency air knives                                                                                                                  High efficiency  blow offs

  • Turn off compressed air when not in use, or put it on a timer to only run when required
  • Use intermediate storage next to the point of use
  • Control the air pressure near the point of use.

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