Here is a terrific Article on TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)


This was a terrific interview conducted by Davis Visco president of The 5S Store. 

The interview discussed how TPM raises output and finds lost money.

If you want to understand how world class maintenance can improve your companies output and save money this is a must see interview

They discuss Operator Ownership, Maintenance and Operator Partnerships, TPM Focused Improvement Events, Contamination, Lubrication, Seeing the Invisible, Maintenance Histories, OEE, Maintenance Skills, Critical Equipment ,Critical Spare Parts, Equipment Improvement Teams, and Early Equipment Management.

T.his is a worthwhile look.



Getting Your Equipment Running Safely, Productively & Reliably

Published May 30, 2013
TPM - Learn the 5 Elements of The Reliability Wheel

This insightful interview from the President of Fuss & O’Neill Manufacturing Solutions – John Kravontka provides first hand insight into the mistakes, challenges and key principles needed to move from a mindset of keeping equipment running, to running at the highest and most efficient level.  According to John, there are 5 pieces of the puzzle that everyone needs to know.  He notes, “Operators treat equipment like a rental car, rather than as a valued piece of equipment that they actually “own” for which they take responsibility.”  Get ready to take notes on the importance of setting standards and making your process easy, effective and trackable against daily operator performance.  Also, click here to view this helpful PDF that illustrators the 5 pieces of this puzzle as detailed in this video.  John is a masterful teacher of this view of the TPM process, so look forward to more contributions from him and his team at Fuss & O’Neill.

Contributing Writer: John Kravontka

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