Step 4 of the 5 steps to a world class maintenance organization.

Step 1:  Rank your Equipment and collect some simple data.

5 Steps to a World Class Maintenance Organization for the Small Manufacturer
5 Steps to a World Class Maintenance Organization for the Small Manufacturer

Step 2: Control your critical spare parts.

Step 3 Stop Wasted PMs

Step 4 Focused Improvement Events 

 Set up an event with one of your most critical pieces of equipment.  Who should be the Players in your focused improvement event?  Maintenance Personnel , Operations Management,  Operators,  Engineering, Finance, Material handlers, getting someone from the “C” suite will add a lot of credibility to the program.

Develop the “keep it running” mindset vs the “fix it when it breaks” historic plan.

Sit back and look at these critical pieces of equipment, once you have them  running in like new condition, ask what it will take to keep them running? Not what do we need to keep on hand to fix it the next time it goes down.

The focused improvement event plan is to shut it down, take it apart, clean it, then put it back together in like new condition. Put it in its most productive state.

Now the goal will be to develop countermeasures to contamination, lubrication and access.

Here is what you should include in a typical focused improvement event:

  • Put together a cross functional team.
  • Measure and calculate OEE.
  • Your goal is zero equipment stoppages.
  • Measure your repetitive failures
  • Open up the equipment
  • Look for:
    • Contamination
    • Lack of Lubrication or too much lubrication
    • Air Leaks
  • Stabilize the equipment
  • Put countermeasures in place to keep equipment in like new condition
  • Close up the equipment.

Duplicate this effort on the next most critical machines

Here is an example of a walk around sheet with visuals to help even new operators see what they are looking for, and alert maintenance when something of out of spec..visual walkaround1










5 Steps to a World Class Maintenance Organization is ready to be published, in August 2016.

Send me a note if you would like a discounted signed copy.



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