Step 3 of the 5 steps in Developing a World Class Maintenance Organization

Snapshot_24Step 1:  Rank your Equipment and collect some simple data.

Step 2: Control your critical spare parts.

Step 3 Stop Wasted PMs

Typically 50% of PM’s are wasted.

An example would be doing a PM in an electrical panel, the goal is to tighten the 100 or so connections, typically 1 or 2 will need tightening. This is mind numbing work, and can lead to damaged connectors.  Unintended consequences. If predictive tools were used, like an infra-red camera, only the 1 or 2 connections would need to be tightened,  and the broken connector would have been avoided.7

Predictive Equipment:

Ultra Sound for air leaks, proper bearing lubrication, and steam trap health.

Infra-Red for motor life, any motor over 150 degrees needs to be watched, motor life drops off exponentially with each 20 degrees of temperature increase. Loose electrical connections, are a safety and fire hazard. Process anomalies like furnace insulation, along with facility monitoring like roofs and air infiltration can pay for the equipment with lower energy costs.

Oil Analysis to extend intervals between changes. Accomplish this by a route based oil testing program.

Vibration Analysis to predict a host of motor, connector, and bearing issues.

Operators can be very predictive. They must own their machines and communicate the health of their machines to maintenance.

This picture is a Zebra card that shows oil level. This also shows quality, as it is not milky or speckled with contaminants, or discolored from  heat. Zebra Cards

Get trained in Oil Analysis, Thermography, Vibration and Ultrasound. There is lots of free training available from the equipment manufacturers. You can hire this equipment out or rent it.


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