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Are you in need of a PREVENTATIVE maintenance consultant?

The Maintenance Geek can help you get out and stay our of breakdown mode for good!

We can provide in person services to any business in Connecticut!

Our services are carried out with the goal of increasing asset lifetime, by preventing excess depreciation and impairment or untimely breakdown. Get the confidence in knowing we can help you achieve:

  • Extension of asset lifetime
  • Increased safety and reduced risk of injury
  • Optimized maintenance planning and resource allocation
  • Less expensive corrective repairs
  • Better margins and profits due to less downtime

Proudly Servicing Connecticut!

Preventive maintenance is often seen as an overhead cost that is difficult to justify. But it takes just one period of downtime or a single notifiable accident to demonstrate how important it is to undertake a program of forward-looking maintenance.

If your business is located in the great state of Connecticut contact us today to start implementing a preventative maintenance program.

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