How to Bullet Proof your Spare Parts Crib Inventory

Smaller Manufacturers suffer every day from downtime because they lack the parts they need to repair and get the equipment running full steam ahead.

  • Get rid of parts you no longer have equipment for.
  • 20 – 30% of your crafts people time is spent hunting for repair parts.
  • Get your equipment manufacturers to recommend spare parts
  • Identify and classify your parts into A – B and C status.
  • Address Store Room Accuracy… Then decide to Stock or Not Stock.
  • One of my clients had 16million dollars worth of parts they no longer had equipment for.
  • It covered up the parts they had been hunting for that were no longer available anywhere.
  • Get your equipment manufacturers give you a recommended spare parts list
  • Classify your parts into A – B and C classes.
  • 5 S your parts crib area and through out what you will not ever use.
  • Color code parts for quick visual identification to aid your people in hunting.
  • Your supply chains will need to be looked at to assure you have all the materials and services you need to more business.
  • To stock it or Not to Stock it? 
  • C” Class parts are cheap and should be handled by an outside vendor. Nuts and bolts cost more from a vendors but you will never run out of parts. They can do it much cheaper than you can internally.
  • Class “A” parts should follow these rules to decide what to stock and require your attention. Class “B” parts can be handled by purchasing with your guidance.


  • Develop clear rules to Stock Class “A” parts.
  • Is the item obsolete or will become obsolete in 6 months?
  • Can we substitute something else in stock for this part?
  • Can you forecast usage with predictive tools and order it when required?
  • Can the part be delivered quickly, overnight?
  • Can you repair the part vs replacing?
  • Will it be replaced in an upcoming PM?
  • Can you eliminate the need for this part, engineer it out?
  • Can you use someone else’s parts, Pooling / sharing?
  • Use lean and Kanban to develop stocking quantities.
  • Accept that some stock outs are OK… To stock everything that could possibly go wrong would cost a fortune.
  • Store Room Security.
  • Locks are good and camera systems now can count people in and out along with times of each.
  • You can put all the locks you want on the storeroom but if your accuracy is lacking you are going to waste time. If your people do not record parts being removed and record parts being delivered accuracy suffers.
  • World class maintenance meets lean and 5S. Time is money and lost time is lost money.
  • Use a simple Ring Camera or a Camera that can Count People

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