FLR’s are costing you a fortune…$$$

These can be costing you tens of thousands of dollars... They are easy to maintain...


The most neglected piece of equipment in anybody’s shop. The FLR (Filter, Lubricator, Regulator).

This is a unit that needs to be set up with all the arrows going the same way. They will not operate properly running backwards…This unit will separate out the water from you air system, then lubricate the compressed air. 2-4 drips per hour to lube the valves and cylinders then it controls the pressure…   They must run level… They should be clean and mounted properly. 

If you do not need lubrication do not put a lubricator on. Compressed air inlets and outlets are sized for the volume of air you need.  

Make sure the gauges are clean and working. forklifts love to wreck these.

Put this on your PM program to be wiped off, fluid added, and levels recorded, along with checking for leaks.   No one ever seems to maintenance FLR’s. The last part of the video shows some real poorly maintained units.


Robert a.k.a. The Maintenance Geek.



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