The Energize CT Center. How to save energy.


Attended a terrific meeting in North Haven at the Energize CT Center finding out how to better save energy in 2016. Kevin Vidmar from Loureiro Engineer Associates spoke. Terrific presentation on  energy systems, including; Lighting, Motors, Compressed Air, Dust Collection, HVAC, and Office Equipment.

We started by understanding conservation vs efficiency. Basically shut it off whenever possible and then use the most efficient models when you must use a load.

Lighting, understand where you need light, and how much, then shut it off when you do not need it.LED’s have come down in price and are well subsidized by the utilities.

Motors typically cost around $0.10 per HP/ Hour to operate and save you that much when you can shut them off. Motors consume 50-70% of all electricity in the country. When you must run your motors reduce the load by insuring good alignment, proper belt tension , good lubrication practices and proper pipe sizing. Try to eliminate Air motors in your operation, they are cheaper to purchase but are huge wasters of energy.

Compressed Air often called the 4th Utility, can consume up to 25% of a typical manufacturers electric bill. Extra air storage can help, you should have approximately 4 gallon per HP.  It generally costs $5 per gallon to install more but may be well worth it. Make sure your compressor air inlets are drawing cool well filtered air. If you use air to blow parts out of a process use low vortec nozzles, and cut your house pressure. A 2 PSI drop in pressure can save 1% of your electric bill.

Have a pro look at your system and enjoy some huge saving.

Next month we will talk about the 5 steps to get out of the breakdown mode, and save some energy to boot.

Click on the upper right to sign up for the series of training’s to get out of the breakdown mode.  Talk with you next week.

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