Does your business have a good plan to Grow? How the Business Sustainability Challenge can help!

 What is the “Business Sustainability Challenge” and why should I care?BSC

New England Utilities offer the Business sustainability Challenge. With a small team your company can become more competitive by taking a strategic look at Energy, Workforce, Operations, and Waste Streams. Results from this planning include reducing risks and leveraging opportunities to shield your company from, changes in the economy, while improving operations and profitability. The utility will fund this effort 100% and offer incentives to grow along the way. You need to supply a small team, 3-5 people to develop a growth strategy with help from some of the great teachers in the industry.

Send me a note, and I will send you a form, to see if your company qualifies.

We have seen some great results.  Let me know if you want to find out more.


Robert                                                                                                                                                          The Maintenance Geek

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