Get your Maintenance People Certified as FAA Certified Drone Pilots

Certify your Maintenance Personnel to be Certified Drone Pilots

Do this now to Be ready for big growth this year 2021… 

 Smaller Manufacturers need to train their maintenance professionals now to grow their businesses.

  • Pay for this investment by Identifying roof anomalies and preventive maintenance.

   With your own maintenance pros.

  • Keep your maintenance pros off the roof for their safety and insurance reasons. It is also better for your roof.
  • Add to your companies skill set and give your pros an interesting new skill.
  • Check you A/C and heating and ventilating units without getting on the roof.    Lots of injuries happen on roofs in cold weather.
  • Decide who to train.
  • On your website talk about how you are proactive with your advanced Drone Operator training and equipment.
  • Add several people to the training, only around $160.00 each and they do not have to leave your plant, except for 4 hours to take the FAA exam…
  • Add some Drone footage to your website to help explain your company and offerings.


  • Where do you get the Training?   pilot/?affcode=245841_7pbbrhax


  • One of your who to train guidelines will need to be, how good is their English. Lots of this training evolves subtle tech English skills.
  • People with this skill set can be a terrific asset for your company.
  • You will get good long term benefits.
  • How much will all this cost?  Drone insurance will be in the under $1,000.00. Training around $150.00 per employee, and a good infrared drone between $5k and $35k. The $5K unit does a great job but for better resolution on infrared you may need more camera.
  • You need to put drone footage into your website to not only to attract new customers but to showcase your talents.
  • Have your maintenance people use the drone to inspect hard to get to areas of our shop to get a look see on a more frequent basis.
  • Better proactive maintenance, better trained personnel and a better website.
  • Get ready for growth in 2021… 
  • But be prepared to go after it.


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