Can a compressed air leak survey save your shop $10,000 to $50,000?

 Yes it can…

Try  spending the money you save from a good air leak survey on some tools to keep you out of the breakdown mode.

Air leak nozzle 1

Scenario #1      200 HP of compressed air, 100 HP full time and 100 HP as backup. house pressure is 107 to maintain 100 PSI throughout the system. 150 gallons of accumulation, typically we like to see 4 gallons per HP. This is a 3 shift operation  300 days per year. Operations include machining centers, screw machines and plating.


Over $50,000.00 of wasted air leaks were found, nearly 17% of their total energy bill.


Scenario #2   40 HP plus 25 HP 90% loaded at 110 PSI.    200 gallons of accumulation was available. This operation ran 3 shifts per day and 360 days per year. This anodizing operation was greatly automated, lots of air controls.

Over $18,000.00 were found in wasted compressed air.


Typically we find between $80 – $160 dollars per Horsepower per shift in waste. How many Horsepower does you shop run.  Leaks are cheap to find with the right equipment and cheap to fix.


How could you use an extra $10,000 to $50,000 per year to grow your business or improve your maintenance department?

Give me a call at the Maintenance Geek LLC to find out more.



Thanks,                                                                                                                 Robert   “The Maintenance Geek”

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